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Hi, I’m Ella Carey and I’m a holistic nutritionist, kinesiologist, and Gut And Psychology Syndrome Practitioner.

I use my experience, training and intuition to identify the blocks that keep you from reaching your health goals.

Stress – physical, mental, emotional or environmental - is the no. 1 obstacle standing between you and your optimal health, and it’s my role to help you identify and remove those stressors.

My wish for you is to have a deep understanding of your own health needs, and to feel empowered about how to heal your life, and ultimately use this experience to grow and consciously create a life for yourself that you feel passionate about.

Please have a look around this site and if you cant find exactly what you’re looking for, click here to pop me an email.

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Current Programme

The Gut Healing Programme

A personalised eating & supplementation plan designed around your child's nutritional needs and deficiencies - designed to optimise cognitive development, digestive health and mood. I also recommend lifestyle changes in order to minimise toxicity in the child's system while healing is taking place.

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