Brin: My name is Brien and I'm a serving Fire Brigade officer .  
I was advised by my massage therapist wife Julie to try Kinesiology .
I have had two  kinesiology  appointments with Ella Carey  ,   I  can say that I have noticed asignificant  improvement to an otherwise persistent  health issue .
Ella is knowledgeable in food nutrition and has provided sound dietary/lifestyle   advice in order to correcta perceived physiological imbalance .
I am naturally sceptical and was curious about the diagnostic method employed by Ella but she subsequently explained and physically demonstrated the methodology used.
I think it is also worth mentioning that Ella  hasa gentle thoughtful manner

"I cannot recommend Ella enough. She has turned around mine and my family’s food diet, moods and general health.  
I went to Ella as I was in a food rut and was constantly lethargic. My kids had recently been diagnosed with Coeliac disease and as a working Mum I was struggling with healthy food options for all of us. 

Ella gently changed my bad habits and introduced foods, recipes and natural remedies which boosted my whole well being. As a result the kids behaviours have calmed and my mood swings and lethargy have regulated and we’re enjoying experimenting with some great healthy foods and remedies on a daily basis. 

Ella has an extremely kind and intelligent approach offering kineaseology (sic) and metamorphic technique to complement her nutrition advise. The sessions are a delightful holistic experience."

I've recently experienced a lot of stress after leaving my job, financial concerns and a traumatic experience concerning a family member. It had all gotten on top of me and resulted in me feeling utterly exhausted. By the time I was on Ella's therapy table I felt on the edge; depleted, drained, a little depressed, emotional and just plain exhausted... 

I was under the care of Ella and her Kinesiology treatment for an hour and I left the table and made my way home a COMPLETELY different person. I am dumb founded at the amount of energy, positivity, brightness and motivation I now feel. I literally can't believe how powerful that treatment was. 

Ella found out EXACTLY what nutrients my poor little exhausted Adrenals needed (Spirulina, Capsicum Garlic and Parsley, B-Complex, B3 and B6 - who would've known?!) and which Bach Flower Remedies would help ease of the emotional stress I am going through. I am EXTREMELY fussy and picky about which practitioners I choose to see for my health and I can honestly say Ella is up there with the cream of the crop. She is caring, sensitive, intuitive, intelligent and just plain amazing at what she does.