14 Day Spring Cleanse

A Spring Cleanse to Put the Spring Back in Your Step!

Spring cleanse_250.png

Why do a spring cleanse?...to support the liver do it’s amazing work!

The liver is the main organ of filtration on the body - it filters out all the nasties from the lymph (the waste system of the body). It also helps to balance the blood sugars, and plays a key role in fat digestion.

Over time, with little care & attention, the liver can get weighed down, overworked and tired. Symptoms of a ‘tired liver ‘ are: fatigue, brain fog, loose stools, indigestion, food sensitivities, hormonal imbalance, low immunity.

We are doing this cleanse to lighten the load on the liver and with that, improve the quality of our digestion, blood, mood, skin, hair, hormone balance, blood sugar balance, sleep.. Helping the liver function really does benefit our whole system!

During the winter, the body gets most of it’s energy from carbohydrates an sugar. Over time this will impact the liver, and imbalance the blood sugar levels as the liver plays a key role in balancing blood sugars. This cleanse is designed to be a holiday for the liver - this will in turn boost your mood, clarity, energy levels and motivation!

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