Nourish To Flourish Guided Course

An online, guided group course designed to supercharge your health & wellbeing whatever your health situation. A combination of practical nutrition and supportive techniques to boost emotional wellbeing, this course will destress and recharge your wellbeing on every level.


Move into peace, balance and wellness..

This brand new course brings you a fully integrative, self empowering course during which you get transform your health story.

Identify the right diet for you, with the bio individual nutrition plan.

Understand your health in the context of your family health, and learn natural and safe ways to optimise your health.

Move from feeling stuck and stressed to empowered. On this course people reduce their symptoms naturally, boost their mood and energy levels and gain a deep sense of clarity and purpose


You’ll receive:

  • Regular Group Calls

  • Meal plans & recipes

  • Personal meditations recorded for you

  • Monthly Kinesiology sessions to boost your wellbeing

  • Goody Bag to boost your wellbeing journey

  • Individualised health plan tailored to your needs

  • Full Spectrum Healing - we spend time exploring our emotional, mental & physical health, and learn tools to effectively optimise each one

  • A combination of personalised nutrition, deep emotional work and energetic work to raise your vibration and shift your experience, to create a truly holistic, powerful and original program that will help you to heal every area of your life.