How To Detox Successfully

With the Winter well behind us, it is traditional art this time of year to give our bodies’ a spring clean - to release toxins accumulated over the cold winter, and for renewed energy and vitality.

   Its essential for our health that we don't just dive into the detox - as it can put a lot of strain on your internal organs, putting us at risk of ‘detox” headaches and giving into cravings. 

Here are Ellas 5 tips for a successful detox.

1. Go at your own pace, and listen to your body. If you've been drinking 5 coffees a day for example, don't go “cold turkey” -   the body learns to rely on stimulants for (false) energy. It is advisable to cut down daily by one unit (ie one cup per day), until you don’t have any , and don’t need any ! The gradual easing off of the stimulant will allow your body to adjust its metabolism accordingly - and you'll feel all the better for it. 

2. Sip filtered water throughout the day to help the cleansing process. You'll find in the first few days that you'll crave the foods that you were relying on are usually the foods which are causing you the most harm! Having a bottle of filtered water to hand will give you a distraction each time you have a craving, and you'll hydrate at the same time. Win! *                                                * A note on cravings: if you are craving sweet things, or your blood sugar dips - chromium helps to balance it. Take GTF chromium supplements, or eat foods rich in chromium: apples, molasses, brewers yeast, oysters, chicken and bananas. Also eating a protein rich food will help to balance your blood sugars. Make your morning smoothie with a base of hemp milk, or add in a spoon of tahini to your dips & crudites. This will be a temporary experience of the transition between energy sourced from stimulants and real, sustainable and nourishing energy sources.

3. Greens Greens Greens! Greens are cleansing, nourishing and provide optimum nutrition - essential fatty acids,iron, vitamin C, calcium, zinc, etc. as well as a dose of the suns energy in the chlorophyll. They are blood cleansers and will support the liver - making you feel more energetic and nourished, whilst helping your body to detox. Choose spirulina, cleavers, sorrel, wild garlic,chlorella, dandelion greens and nettles for nutrient dense foods. 

4. Keep the elimination routes clear! When we detox, its essential that the loath of elimination from cell to Skin, Colon, Liver and Lungsis clear to fully detox. To do this : dry skin body brush before a shower to remove dead skin, sweat daily - exercise & saunas are great! Enemas keep the colon clear and castor oil packs on the liver stimulate lymph flow through the liver, avoiding congestion in this area. Epsom salt baths are a great way to encourage detoxification throughout he skin. 

5. SLEEP! Sleep is an essential part of any health care programme. It allows our bodies to heal, repair and regenerate. If you feel rested you won’t crave stimulants/false energyas much as if you are tired,  and you'll feel the benefits of your detox more. 

 Recipe : Spring time Lymph Cleanser- Cleaver Juice . Pick cleavers away from busy roads; Rinse in filtered water and chop up finely,andSqueeze through a cheesecloth/muslin cloth into a glass and drink!

Detox Q&A

Q: I dont know where to start! What can I/cant I eat on a detox? 

A: It depends on the individual - their metabolism, lifestyle,currenthealth issues and what their daily diet is currently like. Its important not to stress the body, but gently ease it into a detox- to create space& energy for healing, growth and regeneration. A good place to start is to look at what the person eats on aday to day basis, and underline all the stimulants, refined sugars, processed foods, hydrogenated fats etc etc. and eliminate them or substitute for healthy alternatives. ie. chicory root/Matcha for coffee. A teaspoon of maple syrup instead of 5 white sugars in a hot drink.  This isn't supposed to be a torture, but a time to support our bodies which work so hard for us on adaily basis.

   Choose foods which are in their most natural state , and home make your food instead of buying ready made foods. These are good places to start.


Q: I have a health issue - is it safe to detox?

A: I recommend working with a professional  

You can search a local Nutritional Therapist through the FNTP website.


Q: Im breastfeeding - would you recommend that I do a detox?

A: In short, no! The toxins released will go into your breastmilk - I advise waiting until you have finished breastfeeding. Also for breast-feeding you'll want fortifying, nourishing and mineralising foods - not cleansing ones.

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