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Learn to make nourishing healing recipes for the whole family.

Learn to make nourishing healing recipes for the whole family.

Family Gut-Mind Healing Program

Would you like to deepen your understanding of your childs’ health and how to optimise it?

They may have a health issue that you would like to approach holistically.

The Family Health Program is designed to support the carers while they learn about how top optimise their childs’ health. Based on the Gut And Psychology Syndrome protocol, through clinic sessions to understand your childs’ bio individuality, this program is both educational and therapeutic.

This program is 9 months and combines online sessions with clinic sessions.


Nourish To Flourish 16 Week Course

This program is designed for people who find themselves feeling constantly stressed - physically and mentally; and would like to feel safe, fully supported and guided while they learn powerful tools to help them feel calm, empowered, nourished, and clear about their purpose.

This program is different as it’s totally holistic: bio individual nutrition, meditation, kinesiology, energy work, coaching, trauma release, heart coherence - these are just a few of the tools that we use to permanently shift your energy, mood and wellbeing.

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