Eat Yourself Happy Breakfast Boost

 You’re here because you want to feel better.


You would love more energy and better, more balanced moods. You’d love to be more focused and clearer headed.

I have written he Eat Yourself Happy Breakfast Boost for you, with exactly the above aims in mind.

Many people are battling with low mood and low energy simply due to a poor diet which is lacking the necessary nutrients for optimal wellbeing.

Breakfasts are particularly typically low in good nutrition , traditionally we have cereals, toast & marmalade and tea or coffee. Very little nutrition, high in sugar and starches which create blood sugar peaks and dips, leading to cravings, irritability and fatigue.

This negative food/mood cycle is something I experienced for years, until I changed my diet radically to a predominantly plant based diet. Now I’m sharing my good mood breakfast meal plan with you!

The recipes in this Eat Yourself Happy Breakfast Boost contain ingredients which are renowned for boosting health - both mental and physical ; for instance beetroot has been found to boost physical stamina and increase athletic performance, so if you want to start running, beetroot juice is a great one to give your workout a boost, and of course exercise leads to more endorphins in our blood stream and a better mood all round.

Even if you choose one or two recipes to focus on, and start getting used to them before introducing others. There is NO wrong way to do this - enjoy the variety, enjoy the flavours and enjoy how you feel when you eat these kinds of foods!

Get the support, inspiration and guidance you need while you navigate a healthier way of eating!


  • 2 week meal plan with recipes

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