Full Spectrum Family Program

I am excited to welcome you on this rewarding healing journey for you and your child.

I understand that this process may be completely new to you, and that you need a fuss free, long term solution to your childs health issue (and support for yourself, because lets face it - parenting is tough, but when we're parenting a child with health issues - it makes it that much more tough). so I'm here to help you find your solution, and to make it as jargon free and accessible as possible - whilst offering you and your family the support needed to make it a successful healing journey.

Payment Options

About Me

I am a nutritionist and kinesiologist with a special interest in children's cognitive development. I have worked with many families with symptoms ranging from eczema, anxiety, Attention Deficit Disorder to severe autism.
I work to support you and your family from the first point of contact until either your childs' health issue has healed or you feel confident and empowered in your new found understanding of your childs' health needs and how to heal your child

What is the Family Health Programme?

A personalised eating & supplementation plan designed around your childs' nutritional needs and deficiencies - designed to optimise cognitive development, digestive health and mood. I also recommend lifestyle changes in order to minimise toxicity in the childs' system while healing is taking place.
The support you will receive is in the form of 1-1 consultations, Skype sessions, FB group access, email support, and ongoing telephone support. I can also provide a cooking demo workshop if needed.

What happens during a session?

During our first session we will discuss your concerns regarding your childs health and development, and look at your childs' health history in full,including any illnesses and medication taken. This usually takes around 1.5 hours as in my experience parents' have a lot of useful information to share about their childs' health - which will be key information in creating your childs' Individualised Health Programme along with information from the food sensitivity test, which is done during the first session.

Are there any lab tests involved?

The tests I often recommend are:
* Organic Acid tests to identify pathogenic bacteria in colon * Food sensitivity tests
* Mineral status
* Heavy metals
* Methylation status
* Neurotransmitter status

Some parents like to have lab tests run before starting on the Individual health Programme (IHP) and then 6 months into it so that health improvements can be tracked down to cellular level. I work with a fantastic lab in London and my clients receive practitioner discount on each test, saving £100s.

How long does the Programme last?

9 months

How much is the Program?

247 per month